Offset & Digital Printing

Offset & digital printing are the two most widely used printing methods. Offset printing is ideal for producing medium to large quantities, while digital is suited for the production of smaller quantities with fast turnaround time.

If you need high quality on demand printing and you need it fast, then digital printing is the ideal cost efficient solution for you. Gone are the days of waiting needing to sacrifice quality for fast turnarounds. For digital printing we have used most famous digital machine in market – FUJI XEROX from Japan. For that reason digital printing is preferred by clients who have short deadlines.

If you have a little more time and require larger quantities, then offset printing would be the best option. This is the ‘traditional’ form of printing and produces high quality and economical results for medium to large runs.

At My Design we print properly, paying close attention to detail to create fantastic results, rich colors and sharp, vibrant graphics. Your delivered product will be absolutely spot on. If it can be printed, My Design can design it, and help with the actual printing. We are happy to serve as a liaison between you and the printer, so you can focus on your business without having to worry about print deadlines, file types, paper weights or delivery methods. We can take care of everything for you.